Honda Civic Type R Vs. Ford Focus RS

06/18/2018 03:24:27
Honda Civic Type R Vs. Ford Focus RS
The Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS may compete in the same segment, but their attitudes couldn’t be more different.

Let's talk today about two awesome cars. Honda and Ford are for sure two powerful and successful brands. Both of them have good advice for owners. If you are a fan of one of that car you will find no reason to have doubts about, but let us show the difference between Honda Civic and Ford Focus.



There really are no big differences but let's see. First one and most important one: Hondas are Japanese, and Fords are Americans. Honda's high-performance badge has graced some of the most focused hatchbacks ever. While Civic is in its 10th generation, the Japanese brand has once again given it the Type R treatment. The prices of Honda Civic Type R and Focus RS are not very big but still, it makes a difference. The most important difference we will talk about is the engine. Honda provides a better quality of engines, while Ford uses F series of engines which is also good.

What we can conclude is that ride comfort and power delivery are great for both brands.



Well as we can see there are small things to see a differences. Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS are trusted and owned by many owners who enjoy their drives in safety and comfort. Both of them have a beautiful design, but so far, Honda wins this race with a better interior quality. Same as Rs, Type R has its loyal fans, that means just a thing, there always will be competition between those two Brands, They now mark the top of each brand’s performance ranges. Whatever you will choose, you can be sure that you will enjoy the drive.


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